Getting ready to travel by a 6 am train really kicks the sleep out of you and it returns only when you’re an hour away from the station you want to get down at. It’s most inconvenient. So this is the time I usually use to navigate through my cluttered, convoluted thoughts.

Today I am looking back at how I met the love of my life (favourite topic). Also, I felt you guys should know him before anything else I put up. I met Kuruvilla (Mr.K, henceforth) a few days into my initial month at our Audit office. Mr.K was sitting there, all serious, furiously typing away into his laptop. He was good looking,so the gossip I heard was right. Olivia, being the sweetheart she is, was the source of this information. Though she was as new as I was to office, she had given me an idea about all the people in office after careful study & meticulous research. But that’s it. Quite an uneventful introduction to a very low-key friendship. Mr.K & I sloooowly became friends and used to have the occasional discussions on life & people. He was very unlike me – Introvert, Intelligent & Calm (more stress on the second quality mentioned). We got to work together just once or twice, so our interactions in office were the bare minimum. He was an amazing senior whom I always looked up to in respect along with a teeny, tiny amount of fear that he might scream at me one day about the mediocre work I have done!

Two years of my internship flew by and I was in my final year with a good understanding of how this career was not my cup of tea. Olivia & I were counting days to when it would all be over, so that we could really focus on the final exams that had to be cleared to finish the most challenging, scary & frustrating course in the entire universe (exaggerating a bit, I admit) – Chartered Accountancy.

It was amidst all of this that Mr.K popped the question, so out of the blue. And it wasn’t the clichéd, romantic proposal. All he asked me was if I wanted to marry a random stranger or a friend who has known me for 2+ years with a good idea about who I was and what my past was – someone who has accepted me the way I am.

I was dumbstruck. Is this really Mr.K talking? I was so embarrassed but he was calm as always. Like all females I too indulged in fruitless debates with myself for a few days. And finally I told him, I had no interest in a relationship. So if he was in, he should really be in because we were definitely taking this home to our families. He was all for it, so the rest just happened like clockwork and we’re getting married this September (yay!).

It’s always very difficult to convince people that we hadn’t been going out all of those three years especially as we were in the same firm. Even today I look back and think how it never ever crossed my mind that this would be the man I would one day get married to! I guess that’s how life is – it loves to surprise/shock you and then smile deviously. But I seriously wish I was a little less goofy in front of him while I was at office – I would have tried to retain atleast a little amount of dignity had I known this was how it would turn out to be. But in a way this is good too, he knows the worst & the best of me (yes, exactly in that order).

Oh btw, the title of this blabber is his birthday. The day I consider most blessed (even though at that point my parents hadn’t even got married or thought about me!). I don’t mean to seem like a lovestruck teenager, but my point is that God plans for you, even before we fragile humans plan things. Like I mentioned before, Mr.K has a personality that is entirely different from my own and yet, he is everything I need and more.

Always have faith. My life didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, my career is not where I wanted it to be & the people I always wanted by my side aren’t there anymore. But despite it all, everything seems perfect the way it is now. So, have faith. 

Meanwhile, let me go catch a few winks before I reach the station, which is in an hour or so. As always. Bla!