Everytime I go to a simple vegetarian restaurant or even a small food joint, the people there never fail to capture my attention. I am not referring to the people who come to eat, but the people who work there. Their faces intrigue me so much.

When each person comes to my table I stare at their faces (not in a creepy way, of course) and wonder what their life is like. Most look tired & worn out, but they make sure they have a smile on when they ask us what we want. I want to look past that facade.

They wouldn’t be working at such a place if they had a choice. A number of decisions and life events must have led them there. I wonder who all (and in what condition) are waiting for him at home, if he even has one. How is he supporting them with his meagre salary? I am not implying that waiting tables is the worst job out there, it’s not. It’s just that I get the chance to properly sit & look at people only when I go to such places. I do know that there are people in worse conditions. Much worse.

It’s unsettling because I know that it could have been me. The fact that I was born this way in this particular family is not my merit. It just happened so. I could have been him. In my life I had the luxury to rise again from the inumerous mistakes I made. He too might have made mistakes or it’s just fate and he didn’t have what I had to pick himself up again.

I always say a short prayer in my head when I notice these people, wherever I go. If I see worry or pain on someone’s face, I simply do this. I pray that they get the strength to endure & survive whatever that’s worrying them. I also count my blessings.

Picture courtesy: Google