I was always wary of the road and the traffic. Even now I haven’t started driving, even though I have been awarded the license to do so (truly a miracle!!). The moment I take out the car I feel every monster on the road is coming to eat me. After getting an earful from my dad (the only one who has the guts to sit beside me while I drive), lots of sweating, i’ll come home and go into a coma for two days to get over the stress endured.This is the routine.Why me????

Before driving it was crossing the road that was a huge problem for me. When I was in school (6th or 7th standard, in my defense),I would never cross the road alone. All of my friends would do the left-right-left rule & easily cross. Me on the other hand would need to cling on to someone for my dear life while I crossed with them. It was pathetic.

So one such day as I waited for the bus, I saw a sight that inspired the tiny brain of mine. I saw one stray dog waiting on the other side of the road for a while. When the road was somewhat clear – it looked to the left, then right & again to the left and crossed the freaking road (I mean noone taught it to do that!). I swear i’m not bluffing. I felt really stupid. That’s when I found the guts to cross the road alone. That is even more stupid, I know. But its okay, whatever works.

I think I need to see a dog or a cat driving the car one day. Maybe then I would get inspired. Life.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest