Nowadays people are getting murdered left,right & centre. I was appalled when the news of the murder of Rasila Raju O.P, a 25 year-old techie hailing from Kerala, reached my ears today morning. She was working in Infosys, Pune and was murdered on Sunday while at office. I can very well relate to this because I used to work in an establishment that required countless late nights & working on weekends.

The prime suspect is a security guard with whom she had some disagreement previously, owing to his alleged misbehaviour. I can recall that the security guards of the firm I worked in were so polite and helpful. The possibility of such an action from their side never crossed my mind. In fact, I used to feel relieved when I saw them taking routine rounds inside the office during late hours.

Of course, it has only been two days since the incident took place so there might be many things that needs to come into the light to get the complete picture. 

My heart goes out to the family with whom she was in touch just a few hours before she was brutally murdered. In the end, the loss is theirs & theirs alone. Media will move on, so will we.

Let’s keep her & the bereaved family in our prayers. It’s hard to trust anyone these days, let’s try to look out for each other the way we can.

Picture courtesy : Google