When I saw him walk towards the bus stop, my mind became an explosion of thoughts. I mean that literally because my mind is very noisy, sometimes it doesn’t even let me sleep. So as I saw him hesitate with each step he took, I wondered how life must be for him, through his eyes. To be precise, through his mind’s eyes. He was blind.

He slowly came and stood at the bus stop. Many buses came & went but he made no inclination to enquire which bus it was. A nagging voice in my head told me that I should ask him if he wanted help. But I was a little nervous because one, no one there gave him a second look, so I wondered if I might offend him by asking and two, I believe I suffer from geographical dyslexia. I am the worst when it comes to locations & directions.

However, this nagging voice in my head showed no intention of letting me go, so I told my friend that I wanted to help. She agreed right away but was a little nervous like I was. Finally I mustered the courage and asked him if he needed any help. He immediately said yes, almost like I was the answer to his silent prayer. I think he was actually waiting for someone to ask and I felt glad I did. He told me he needed to get to a certain place and I confidently told him I’ll take him there. Neither my friend nor I had any clue about the place he told us! 

I took his hand anyway and walked, guiding him every step of the way. I had to be very careful. I had to mention each stone, bump & pit on the road even though he had the stick with him. I had to ensure he didn’t fall and had to avoid the passing vehicles. It really struck me how our eyes catch such small things while we walk complacently & we avoid it all without as much as a thought. Meanwhile, my friend walked ahead of us, asking people for directions. Everyone was staring at us.

Finally, we reached the building where he wanted to go. My friend went inside & brought someone out. He came, took his hand from mine & said thanks. The man I guided too said thanks, but his face said much more than that.

I was terribly late for where I had to be at that time but was not my usual agitated self. The same can be said for my friend too. We did something different from the usual mundane things we do everyday. We genuinely helped a person in need. I was happy to have been a dim light in his dark life, atleast for a little while. 

Post written in response to Daily Post – Prompt – Overwhelming

Picture courtesy : Pinterest