This post is entirely dedicated to one of the many trysts I have had with my second love (after Mr.K, of course) – FOOD.

A week long of 7am-7pm classes got me tired with life and it had me reminiscing about this amazing trip I made to Pondicherry with my girlfriends – Resh, Stanzy & Nisha. Now that was one trip entirely dedicated to food. Before we went on the trip we had googled all the best places to eat & made a list. Zomato was suddenly our best friend! We were so engrossed in food planning that we forgot to bother about accomodation!

There were an amazing variety of eateries in Pondicherry and it was a tough task to choose. So we went on an eating spree with trying tortillas from a Mexican joint and rushing to have this special pasta (I really forgot the name but it was just wow!) from another Italian place in a matter of 20 minutes. However, the place that really blew my mind was Zuka : Choco là té café. It was the chocoholics’ paradise. They even had their ceiling covered in chocolate butterflies!

We ordered hot chocolate that came with a chocolate spoon that melted as you stirred it! It took me all my will power to not chomp on it as soon as they served it. Once the spoon melts into the hot chocolate, it can’t get any more chocolatey!

This little mousie grabbed our attention and found its way to our table, but it took us a while to eat it as we were too engulfed in its cuteness. The chocolate mousse was so perfect that it melted in our mouths! We lost all of our ladylike charm (which takes a lot of effort to display) and behaved like starved monkeys in there.

And finally, the Rainbow Cake. This was probably the only item we saw there that day which had very little traces of chocolate in it. But these were simply walking off the shelves and we couldn’t resist the urge to grab one ourselves!

There were many more mouth-watering goodies there that we had to forego as we were on a tight food schedule and had to rush to the next place! I can’t wait for my next visit!

Zuka is one place you MUST NOT MISS if you ever visit Pondicherry. It’s a visual treat and an absolute delight for the taste buds!