I have had too many people look at me, sigh in exasperation and continue to exclaim in the same breath,”You are such a pessimist!”. I shrug and smile because it is the plain truth! I am a pessimist.

I don’t think I was born this way, no one comes into this world that way. Like many out there, I too have figured out over time that, Lower Expectations mean Lesser Dissappointments!

I am this way only about my life & myself. With everyone else, I am extremely optimistic, supportive and I try my best not to dump an ice bucket down their happy heads. 

I have had too many people dissappoint and betray me, but that’s how the world works. It’s a natural filtering process that is mandatory as we grow up. I am someone who finds joy in being a wonderful friend, so I can’t exactly remain aloof out of fear of betrayal.I give my everything and expect nothing in return. If I do see a gesture in return,  it’s just an added bonus!

With every plan or venture, I immediately start thinking everything that could possibly go wrong. I do this not to be a prophet of doom, but to be prepared and have all counter measures ready in my mind. If none of those happen and everything turns out to be good, yay! All happy.

I also strongly believe that I am the best, living example to prove that Murphy’s law holds true.

Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

  • If I fear rain and take inside the clothes that were hung out to dry, the clouds will vanish.
  • If I move to the shorter queue, the one I was standing in previously, would move faster.
  • The day I don’t do homework, our sir would check books in a random order and mine would be one among them.
  • If I am on time to catch a train, it will most surely be late.

I recently came across Yhprum’s law, which is the reverse of Murphy’s law. I mean that literally. Murphy in reverse is Yhprum.

Yhprum’s law: “Anything that can go right, will go right.”

I am true believer of Murphy’s law because 99% of the time, that’s what happens to me – no offence, followers of Yphrum!

I want to be prepared for it all. Nothing should take me by surprise (may not work entirely). I don’t know if it’s healthy, but I do it anyway. It helps me survive. I would rather be a pessimist than suffer dissappointments!
Written in response to Daily Prompt – Expectation

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