I was so anxious. My legs wouldn’t stop shaking. “Calm down, Susan. They will come soon.”, said Ben. But it had no effect on me and he sighed. He was anxious too, but as I was even worse, he didn’t have the luxury to lose control I suppose. My eyes frequently darted to the end of the hallway. It felt like I had been waiting for ages.

In a way, that is true. Though we had been sitting here for just half an hour, in reality we had been waiting for this for more than 5 years.

My thoughts flew back to the day we got married. It was beautiful. It was every bit magical as I wanted it to be. We were ever so happy to be finally together, after 7 months of dating. I was eager to start a family and create a beautiful home for ourselves. I was all about nesting, all the time. Ben even joked at times that I loved the idea of ‘home’ more than I loved him. But that’s not true. I just wanted it to be a place Ben & our future children could run back to.

I always wondered out loud to Ben, what our first child would look like. “Maybe, he would have your hair & my eyes!”, I said excitedly. “Sure, Suz. Anything but your brains!”,he joked. I gave him a light punch. Nothing could affect me, I was so busy dreaming. I wanted a mini-Ben with my eyes, his hair and his brains (I had to agree, he had a point). I kept on dreaming.

No mini-Ben. No mini-me. We tried everything they adviced. A hundred health magazines, websites and countless doctors later, we were done. We were sick of the routine treatment. Both of our parents were very upset and started blaming each others’ genes, as if that would solve everything. We were tired. But we never stopped trying & we never stopped checking. I might have used up a thousand pregnancy sticks, atleast! I stopped dreaming. They were growing into nightmares.

“Susan, here she is.”, Ben broke into my reverie. I froze. Ben pulled me up somehow. I think my heartbeats were echoing across the hallway.

She was walking to us, her eyes scanning a paper. She was walking ever so slowly that I felt like running to her and dragging her here. Finally she reached us.

“Ah, Mr.& Mrs. Smith. It’s all good. Your wait is finally over.”, said the warden. We sighed in relief, I had expected the worst when I saw her walking so slow with that paper. “Now little girl, if you pull any further, you will tear my skirt!”, she exclaimed. Ben & I looked at each other, completely nonplussed.

She pulled from behind her, a tiny little human. The tiny girl stared at me with huge, brown eyes. I froze again when I saw that she was right there. I looked at the warden and she nodded encouragingly. I knelt down to her height. She wasn’t Ben, she wasn’t me. She was an angel. I couldn’t stop looking at her face, taking in every feature & every expression. I nearly forgot how to talk.

“Hi, What’s your name?”, I whispered. “Isabelle”, she whispered back. “Isabelle, I’m your mommy.”, a huge warmth rushed through me as I said those words.

“Hi, Mommy!”, she said and giggled happily. I smiled through my tears and felt Ben’s hand on my shoulders. I had never heard a more beautiful sound.

Short story written in response to the Daily Prompt – Sound

Photo courtesy : Pinterest