The other day, my mom went shopping and brought home a packet of nostalgia – for your understanding, a packet of BEAN BISCUITS!! As seen in the picture, these are small, bean shaped biscuits. They come in different flavours, but my favourite is vanilla. The moment I see these I go back in time to 1999, when I was seven years old and my brother, Jacob (Jikku) was just three!

I was very thin as a child (now i’m fat & fabulous!). And I don’t mean normal thin, I used to look starved even though that wasn’t the case. Jikku was always very plump & healthy looking. He had a good appetite too, while I was more interested in playing outside than eating. So everyone always focused on feeding me, not that it showed any results.

Everyday after playtime I used to come home all tired & hungry. On some days my mom used to put these biscuits in two saucers and give us both. We would go upstairs to watch TV. I would run with the saucer and Jikku would eagerly follow me with his little feet. We would sit on the floor and keep the plates in front of us as we watched TV. Jikku was always so excited about TV that he would rarely take his eyes off it (he was very cute, I must say). By this time, I would have already finished my quota of biscuits. I would slowly move my hand to his plate and eat his share. He never noticed! So I keep on eating till it’s finished (I know, I was a mean sister). After a while he would look down to see that there were none left and I would joke at him, “You eat so fast, Jiks!”. We both would go downstairs again and mom would put a little more in our saucers (she won’t give a lot because if she does, we wouldn’t eat dinner properly). So again I would eat mine and his, while he believed he ate it. Poor kid. He would slowly go downstairs again and my mom would scold him for asking more. She would tell him, “No wonder you are becoming so plump. Look at your sister, she is so frail. It’s because you eat twice as much as she does. Enough of biscuits. You won’t eat dinner if you eat more, keep the saucer & go.” Poor Jikku would sadly keep it and go. Two horns would have erupted out of my head while I laughed in the other room!

I know I was a mean kid. I did confess to Mom & Jik what I used to do, some years later. He jokes that he still has trust issues because of this! We laugh a lot everytime I enact the whole scene at home. Good old days. Good, for me atleast.