Crowded corridors and gossiping,

The non-stop buzz that filled our ears.

The joy of having a free period,

And the gloom when someone fills it up.

Shared lunches, snacks and heart’s secrets,

Non-stop giggling as the crush walks by.

The flurry of pens as the day dawns,

To finish off homework given to us.

Bits of chalk teachers threw at us,

To bring us back from daydreaming.

Endless swotting, mindless by-hearting,

We sail through tests every week.

Punishments were a piece of cake,

If friends around had to do the same.

Dance and drama filled our heads,

With school days, fests and clubs around.

This simple life flew by so fast,

A blur of time that won’t come back.

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Blur

Photo courtesy : Pinterest