The world welcomes yet another soul. It’s sin counter is zero and all it knows is to smile, sleep, eat and poop. It’s covered head-to-toe in the love and care of family & friends. It’s adored and made to feel like a star. 

It is untainted, YET. Malice surrounds it in different forms, trying to break in. It’s heart is whole and perfect, no cracks. No one would think of hurting this cute little baby (I’m ignoring the pedophiles, of course). All anyone would say is “aww”.

Someday, a friend would spread lies about her. He would be wrongly blamed for something he wasn’t even aware of. Her group of friends would avoid her for some random reason. He would fail in something and be taunted about it. She would be teased for the way she looks. He would be teased for being poor. She would cover her ears every evening, to shut out arguments at home. He would experience something he shouldn’t have at his age. She would luckily escape groping during her walk home. His trembling hands would light a smoke, just to seem cool. She would pretend to be what she is not. He would be denied the one thing he worked so hard for. She would be called a disappointment. He would struggle to find his calling. She would give in to her parents’ dreams. He would fall in love. So would she. Hearts may break or they may not. 

This squishy bundle of joy smiles away, not knowing what future holds for it and what people it’ll meet. Like a sculptor carving out his sculpture, life would use a unique combination of events and people to chisel this soul into a unique being. That’s the beauty of it. One of a kind.  

Written in response to Daily Prompt –Baby

Photo courtesy : Pinterest