A hard rap on my head woke me up. 

“Dude, c’mon, let’s go. Don’t worry, we’ll have enough time to sleep in the exam hall!”, Peter said and grinned at me. 

I had dozed off in our study room at school. I had slept very little the previous night as I was trying to cram all sorts of formulae into my head. We had five days to study for Maths and I hadn’t even picked up anyone’s calls or watched TV to not waste time (so unlike me). Maths and Physics were the two papers I kept failing all year round and if I didn’t pass this time, they would detain me in this class itself.

Peter and I rushed to the hall. “Dude, why are you worrying? This paper will atleast be a better one!”, Peter said positively. He was trying so hard to motivate me, ignoring my history with Maths. “Yeah, sure.”, I replied sarcastically. I envied Peter because he always used to scrape through in all subjects somehow. I aced all subjects except Maths and Physics. I don’t know which of us was in a better situation.

I was sitting at my desk, biting away whatever was left of my nails. The professors were distributing the question papers. I was hyperventilating. The professor handed over the paper.

Physics. What??? I turned to look at Peter. He winked at me and gave me a thumbs-up to encourage me. What the hell! Physics is the better sister but she is still a monster! Now I understood what Peter meant earlier. I wasn’t prepared. I was yet to start preparing for the subject. I must have noted the timetable wrong. Shit. I so wish I had picked up atleast one call during the study leave because then I would have known that I was preparing for the wrong subject. I rushed through the questions. They seemed familiar but I was freaking out. My memory was failing me. All I could think of was sitting in the same class again when Peter and the rest of my friends went to the next level. God. I couldn’t imagine my parents’ faces. I would probably be treated like an outcast.

My heart was thudding louder and louder. I wondered why no one around complained of it. I was sweating like a pig and felt that I would faint soon. 

Ouch! I felt a pain of my head. I looked around to see if someone threw something at me. Nope, no one. There it was again and it hurt!

I woke up. I looked around in confusion, everyone was studying. Did I fall asleep? I wiped my sweaty forehead. Oh, Thank God, it was a dream. I had reached school earlier than usual to study in peace before eveyone else turned up. I must have dozed off. I felt exhausted after the nightmare. I smiled groggily at Peter.

Beside him, I saw Nihal stuffing books into his bag, getting ready to head to the examination hall. The textbook caught my eye. Physics. I felt my pulse quickening.

“Dude, c’mon, let’s go. Don’t worry, we’ll have enough time to sleep in the exam hall!”, Peter exclaimed loudly.

I looked at him in shock. The same words that he said in my dream. Was it actually happening? Oh no.

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Quicken