We are almost always haunted by moments of hesitation. It strives to inject doubt in our minds and fights against the impulses of our hearts. In retrospect, sometimes it would be that very moment of hesitation that saved you from a certain path. Even a single moment of hesitation can be life-altering. 

It’s 10pm. You glance at the cab driver and he doesn’t come across as a decent guy. You hesitate. Should I just get in or wait a few more minutes and get another one?

You had broken up with your boyfriend six months ago because he was too controlling. Things had settled down for good. But you missed him a lot lately and felt lonely. “He wasn’t that bad.”, you console yourself. You pick up the phone to call him. You hesitate. Should I call or should I let this moment pass?

“One more shot, c’mon!”, says your colleague. The party is almost over, it’s just you two in a corner and you are already quite drunk. “It wouldn’t make much of a difference, would it?”, you ask yourself. You hesitate. Should I lose whatever little control I have over myself or find the will to decline?

He proposed and is kneeling before you with a ring. He seems to be a good guy, but it’s too soon and you aren’t that sure of him. You hesitate. Should I have faith and say yes because of this gesture or should I ask for more time?

In all of the typical situations I mentioned above, it was hesitation that held you back from a decision, momentarily. A decision that could unleash a chain of events which would either be good for you or be a lesson you will never, ever forget!

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Hesitate

Photo courtesy : Pinterest