I desire to see my nation become a place where women are treated as human beings atleast, if nothing more. 

I hope to live through a week without even a single news of rape or assault reaching my ears. 

I dream of a life where women can roam around as freely as men, whether it’s day or night. 

I desire to see a time when men ensure the safety of women who travel late, rather than targeting them as vulnerable pieces of flesh.

I hope to witness women being treated as equal souls and not commodities, who are entitled the right to an opinion.

I dream of a world where the rampant business of human trafficking is brought down and women & children get a new lease to life. 

I desire to see miracles in the lives of countless women who are entangled in the evil web of prostitution.

I hope to see an end to child marriages happening across the country.

I dream of little girls going to school and getting education just like boys do.

I desire… I hope… I dream…so much more.

Written in response to Daily Prompt –Desire

Picture courtesy : Pinterest