As a child, I was very mischevious and one could never predict what I was upto. But the things I did around my newborn brother followed a particular pattern. I was very jealous and hated the fact that he got all the attention suddenly. I tried my best to grab it all back with a variety of hilarious antics. I never liked him much, unlike all the nice elder sisters out there.

This pattern followed for many more years, but now it’s all good and we get along great. 

Back then, when he was two or three years old, all the people were still aww-ing and cooing around him. What was I? The wall? I was so jealous that I used to take him out of people’s arms and give him back to my mother, to stop all the attention drain. She would look at this sight in dismay as she would have been relaxing, having her hands free for a while!

One such day, I was looking for a bar of chocolate I had stored away in the fridge. It was missing. I was searching so frantically and couldn’t understand where it vanished. I realised later that this brother of mine had eaten it when I went to school in the morning. I was fuming. 

My parents erupted into the usual chorus of, “C’mon, he is small. Let it go!”, “Let him have it, we’ll buy you one later.”, “He is younger than you, you should learn to share.” and so on. I badly wanted to fight, but I couldn’t, with everyone around. 

In that moment of anger and sadness, I shouted at him, “Satan’s brother!!!!!!“. My parents burst out laughing and they laughed for so long. I was confused.

They had taught us in church that Satan was a very bad being, a fallen angel. He was depicted as someone who influences you to do bad things. We were constantly told that we shouldn’t listen to Satan. So accusing him of being Satan’s brother was the worst insult (according to me) I could hurl at him. 

I demanded to know why they were laughing. My dad asked me how my brother and I were related. I said innocently that I am his sister. “So whose brother is he?”, my dad asked me. 

I realised that I had called myself, Satan. Great. I tried to convince them with my theory and reasons, but they laughed more and more. This became the joke of the year. All my cousins and relatives laughed at me whenever this joke was shared. I am 24 now and my parents still tease me about it. 

I really wish I just let him have that chocolate and went my way, in peace!

Photo courtesy : Pinterest