Everyone has one. Every second is added to your past when it passes. The decision you took just now, this second, has been recorded (and shall be replayed at convenience). That’s how it is. 

But most of the time you look back at it only after a long time and then you maybe happy about it or regret it. Each second counts. 

We take most decisions for a better future. Even though people say not to dwell on your past, it is inevitable and we make occasional trips back to it. Will it be a happy trip or not? Who knows. While living in the ‘better future’, one can still be haunted by a terrible past.

If most of your past is a happy one, it will be wonderful to reminisce about it. If it’s not, it will be as if a scary movie is being played in your mind and you can’t turn it off.

You are building your past, every second, just as you are building your future. 

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Record

Photo courtesy – Pinterest