The other day, when I was determinedly  wasting time on Facebook, I came across this picture (above) that grabbed my attention. The way that kid is looking longingly at the scene unfurling in front of him is heart-breaking. 

I was reminded of how lucky I am. Most of us are blessed with wonderful parents and it has nothing to do with our merit. There is nothing to be proud of because we did not earn it. All we can do is, thank the almighty and live each second we get with them to the fullest. 
I often wonder why or how I was born into this family while that kid (representing all orphans, homeless kids & the ill-treated ones) was born into those circumstances. It’s nothing but pure luck or God’s mercy, according to respective beliefs.

Another message that has clung to my heart since a very long time was the last lines of a letter from Father to Son that I received in Whatsapp, years ago. 

“No matter how much time I have with you, let’s treasure the time we have together. We do not know if we would meet again in our next life”

Your Dad

Most of the movies and stories portray lovers and married couples making promises and sharing hopes of meeting again in the next life. What about parents?

These lines really made me sad because it’s true, our days with them are numbered and that number is not going to increase. It is continually falling and that too at an unknown pace. 

As children (whatever age), we often complain, grumble and are ungrateful about what we have. If not all of that, we atleast take them for granted. Now all of this is normal, human and we will have a number of substantial reasons. But as a counter action, what we should do is continuously remind ourselves of these forgotten facts – 

We should cherish every moment we have with them because there are many out there who look at us longingly, wishing to have what we have.

This moment. This day. This is all we have with them.

We can never know if we will have a tomorrow, together.

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Luck