We love to label people and everyone, including myself, is guilty. Of course, there are disgusting labels like black, white, rich, poor etc which are rightfully opposed by many all over the world. But the labels that i’m mentioning today is of a lower level – slut, stupid, unprofessional, immature, chatterbox and so on.

While I worked in a multi-national firm, many labels as these were quite commonly heard around. I have often seen people tag new joiners within minutes of interaction! And boy, isn’t that going stick for the rest of their life. This hurtful habit begins from school, continues to college and then work. 

The problem with this labelling is that they won’t let you grow out of it. Suppose, you are actually ‘unprofessional’, you realise that during the first month (c’mon, no one is born a professional!) and you decide to change yourself.

Nope. The people around you won’t allow you to. They will spread this tag to people you haven’t even met and they would have already decided the attitude they think you deserve. This hostility or misunderstanding, hinders growth and gives a huge blow to that person’s confidence. 

Give people time to figure out things and adapt to new environments. Every single person out there is fighting their own battles and we do not know anything about it. Their personality that we are witnessing might be just a reflection of what they are enduring, this may change when the issue ceases to exist. 

So be supportive, do not bitch with your best friend just because backbiting or picking on (weaker/shy) people is fun. If you don’t like that person, fine, let her/him be. Do not mobilise an anti-‘someone’ group.

Put yourself in their shoes before every action towards anyone. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Written in response to Daily Prompt –Label

Photo courtesy : Pinterest