Figuring out your calling is very important in life. I believe that parents should stress the importance on this more than they do on marks/ranks. Every child should be taught to dwell on this from an early age itself, so that he/she doesn’t feel lost when they reach the junction of life, with no map. There are some who figure it out on their own, with no help whatsoever. This is not the case for many. So for them, proper guidance is much required.

This is as important (or more) as finding your life partner. If you end up in a career that’s not suited for you, it will ruin your mojo for life itself. One should not be pushed into the rat race. An individual’s interests, abilities, shortcomings and calibre is to be considered while finally making the choice. There is a path suited for every individual out there.

Let’s look at it this way. Each career is an orbit and each of us, a planet or satellite. We will keep on travelling in a loop – doing mundane (to us) activities while revolving around a particular system, unable to break off. Of course, one can break off from it and take a different trajectory, if the right amount of force in the right manner at the right time is applied. This requires a lot of courage, support and determination.

The best way to avoid all this is to start the process of discovering yourself, from a very young age. Also, despite all odds and objections, one should fight hard to protect their dreams. It is as important as anyone else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone take it away. It’s yours to follow.

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