Love at first sight.

Does this exist anymore? Or Has it ever existed?

When you see a person for the first time and I mean just the sight of the person, can strike you. 

Your heart skips a beat (really). Something warm settles in your belly, your cheeks feel warm. You smile unknowingly. A huge rush of affection swooshes in and places that person high above in your heart.  

This generally happens because of the following reasons :

1. He or she looks stunning.

2. When you see that person for the first time, they are doing some deed, that captures your heart once and for all.

3. This person satisfies every single criteria you had formed about your dream soulmate.

This is Crush at first sight.

This may or may not develop into a full fledged relationship. If over time you realise that your ‘crush at first sight’ is exactly as you imagined him or her to be, you still fell in love only over time, through realisation. Crush had to grow up and become love.

Love is when you know every cell of that person. You have to know their amazing nature, exquisite flaws, quirky habits, their lesser known face & insecurites. You have to battle it out with the ghosts of their past and survive to tell the tale, with a lot more love and respect for the person. You should realise if you are ready to jump through a hoop of fire for them, if you think it’s worth it. Despite it all, if you still think you don’t deserve that person in the least, you are actually in love. 

This love may wither and die. But that doesn’t make it any less of a beautiful story. It is as unique as any story with a fairy tale ending. It is still love. You lived and loved (specifically in that order) that soul. 

This is love. There is no love at first sight. There never has been. 

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Symbiosis

Inspired from the late night conversations with Mr.K.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest