You’re the cheese, I’m the penne.

We twirl and lo! magic is born.

I’m nutella, you’re the bread,

Life’s a happy munch!

You’re the steak and I, the sauce,

It’s a salsa on the taste buds.

I’m the chicken, you’re the rice,

Biriyani – an emotion is born.

You’re the beef patty and I, brioche bun.

It very surely is, a juicy tale to tell.

I’m the tasty chowmein and you, kung pao chicken,

One can eat away, to the heart’s content.

You’re the vanilla ice cream and I, the chocolate brownie,

You melt away slowly and we shall drift together.

Oh dear, hunger’s here!

It’s time for us to tango again!

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Symbiosis

Photo courtesy : Pinterest