​”Julie, which is your least favourite colour?”, I asked, to liven up the class.

The four year-old’s face scrunched up as she thought it through.

“Black. I hate black because my room becomes black when lights go off and that’s when the monsters like to come out from under the bed.” I saw many tiny heads bob in agreement.

I laughed and promised everyone that no monsters will come from under their beds from tonight. Some looked pleasantly relieved, while a few were still not convinced. 

I saw that Tony was still thinking.

“Okay kids, take out your colouring books and colour the picture on page number four. All of you, please help each other find the page.” The sound of pages ruffling filled the room.

I walked over to Tony and knelt beside him. I knew he liked me.

“Hey Tony, which is your least favourite colour? Are you also worried about monsters under the bed?”, I asked.

He shook his head. “Purple“, he said sadly. “Why is that, dear?”, I asked.

“Because mommy gets these purple marks on her arms and neck. It hurts her when I hug her. So, I don’t hug her till they go away. But then they come again, I don’t know why.”, he said, confusion marring his lovely face.

I was at a loss for words. He took out his book and started picking his colours. 

I really wish it was just monsters under his bed, that worried him.

Photo courtesy : Pinterest