Being the proud owner of a lovely cat and an avid pet lover, it is only expected that I find their behavioural patterns quite interesting. Well, you know what I’m getting at by now, Marking the territory.

All cats & dogs (maybe other animals too) mark their territories and display outright hostility when it is breached. They do this through a simple act – peeing. They pee all over their territory and even on their mates, to ward off trespassers or to atleast warn them, with their scent. 

Humans aren’t any different. Well, we don’t literally pee on people we love (duh!), but we do mark our people in every way possible. The aim is to declare to the world that he/she is taken. Sometimes it’s a sweet gesture of being proud of your partner. But, sometimes it’s a behaviour born out of insecurity.

Some find it a compulsion to update relationship statuses and photos, not to share those wonderful moments with loved ones, but just to ward off threats or potential competition.

We mark them, knowingly & unknowingly – emotionally & physically, so much that if someone else comes along (during or after the relationship), he/she is aware of the impact of the other person. Some do it intentionally, to damage the person (or their reputation) beyond repair so that no one else will want them – now, this is same as (or worse than) peeing on them. It’s selfish and sadistic to do that. 

We aren’t so different from animals, are we?

Written in response to Daily Prompt –Territory

Picture courtesy : Pinterest