The Goddess is always kind. I see a great fortune being showered upon your home. It shall reveal itself very soon. Glory will find its way to your family.“, The Swamiji prophesied.

Lakshmi’s heart was pounding in excitement as she bowed down to the Swamiji. Sooraj, her son, will finally have an heir. After years of prayers and offerings, her grandson is finally here, she will become a grandmother soon. The first born must be the fortune he was referring to! 

“Soorya”, she chanted her grandson’s name proudly and repeatedly in her mind. He is her glory, the one she was secretly waiting and praying for. 

She decided not to reveal anything to Swamiji now. ‘I will visit Swamiji again after visiting Gauri, I’ll bring along some offerings too!’, she thought to herself as she hurried out of the temple.

Far away, a baby girl cried for the first time. 

“Parvati”, said Gauri, smiling. “Can we name her after the Goddess?”

Sooraj smiled.

“Of course, dear. After all, mom is a devotee of Goddess Parvati. She is infact there, praying to her for ‘our Parvati’. Mom will be glad that the Goddess sent herself to our lives.”

Save the girl child. Love the girl child

Written in response to Daily Prompt : Fortune

Photo courtesy – Pinterest