“What is this, Daddy?”, I asked, holding up the little book. “That, darling, is a passport. I need it to travel to places outside our country. It’s a very important document and hard to get, if lost.”, he explained, taking it from me and carefully placing it in a folder.

“Don’t go, Daddy. I’ll miss you too much.”, I whined for the hundredth time, tears threatening to fall.

“Megan, we talked about this honey. I will go there, make lots of money and come back to take you, mommy & little Mathew. You know we need the money. It’s just a matter of months, dear.”, said Daddy and kissed my forehead.

The kiss still lingers. His last kiss for me.

“Megan, have you seen my passport?”, asked Mom. I shrugged and continued to do my homework. I heard mom search the room frantically, behind me. She yelled for Mathew, but he was playing in the barn, too far away to hear. She walked over and sat near me.

“Megan, are you still cross with me? We talked about this. I’ll go there, make lots of money and come back for you both. Dad is not here anymore and we need the money. All you have to do is wait for a few months.”, she explained, repeating the words I had heard once before.

Her kiss covered my dad’s, on my forehead. She walked back to the luggage. 

I looked outside the window.

The flames were greedily devouring the ominous little book.

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Passport

Picture courtesy : Pinterest