Later, she slowly put the plates back, tidied up the house and made a cup of strong coffee.

With the echoes of laughter still ringing in her ears, she slowly moved with the walker. She gently lowered herself to the chair in the patio, and took a deep breath of fresh air.

She took a long sip of coffee, her eyes closed.

“Our new neighbour’s kids came over for tea. They are lovely children, Chris. And oh, Peter and Rachel called today. You know Joann, Peter’s youngest daughter? She got a scholarship! I forgot the name of the college, though and Rosann, Rachel’s eldest? She is carrying! We’re going to be great-grandparents!”, she said excitedly & went on and on, from one news to another.

Chris smiled at her from the photo frame.

She could never bid a day, goodbye, without telling him the day’s happenings. A cosy routine they began, from the day they said “I do”.

Photo courtesy : Pinterest