The reasons for getting into a relationship with a person can be in adundance. Some of us might even start building castles out of dreams, from day one. We all have preconceived notions about ‘love’ and the ‘lover’, which can prove to be right or can turn into a wake-up call. 

When breakups happen, do not lose hope. Don’t hate love. Breakups are merely pauses in our journey to find love

When irreconcilable differences arise or if one of the persons involved, decide to backout, we must find within ourselves the grace to accept it. We do have the right to question their decision and demand answers. One can even try their level best to convince the person to stay and mend the cracks.


Do not beg. Self-respect is born from the realisation of self-worth. You are not worthy of begging, no one is. We must discover our own ways to deal with the pain and find the strength to let go. It’s good that this happened to you, it’s because you deserve better. You deserve someone who wants you despite having a million other options, you should not be the last resort. 

It’s always better to let it end as a break up than a divorce!

Do not engage yourself in ignoble acts. It’s fruitless and self-destructive. Destroying the other person’s goodwill, stalking, revealing secrets out of spite and so forth will hurt your own image rather than the other person’s. 

What is the point in doing all that?

Do you expect him/her to come back to you? – Not after you have done all this! It’s pointless and will attract all the blame back to you. It also shows how shallow the relationship was, no sincere lover can hurt the other person even if the same was inflicted on yourself. So if you truly loved that person, learn to let go.

As broken as you are inside, as lonely as you are inside, hold your head high and walk away. 

Understand your self-worth and learn to respect your own soul.

Written in response to Daily Prompt :Pause

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