When my brother and I were little kids, we used to be thrilled at the arrival of guests. This excitement was not brought about just by the prospect of meeting people, but mostly by the snacks my mom used to lay out on the table.

We used smile & laugh with them while eyeing the table frequently. Sometimes when my brother reached his cusp of patience, he would head over and innocently take a biscuit or cookie. He would receive all of my scorching glares because I couldn’t do that. He is ‘small’, while I am ‘big’.

I used to push and stretch my patience to last till they left. Even while bidding goodbye at the gate, the moment their car turned the corner, it would be a race to the table. This used to annoy my mom a lot because it made it seem as if she was starving us! There have been times when we were eating away like crazy, the guests would come back to pick something they forgot to take. We have often barely escaped such moments of embarrassment!

Also, when the guests brought over a carefully covered package, my brother and I used too look at each other in glee, hoping for chocolates. We wait patiently to hear the goodbyes. We would dash to the house when they leave, to open the package. This fire of curiosity has occasionally been doused in water when the guests return to get the package which they left behind by mistake. 

Now we have grown up and are sincerely pleased when guests come over. But when they leave, that excitement to run to the table together still has not gone away! 

Written in response to Daily Prompt :Cusp

Photo courtesy : Pinterest