Who can be called the Champion of life? You? Me? 

Some of us go through unemployment in our initial years while people we graduated with are placed with good firms. Some struggle to find their calling while some has various misfortunes thrown at them.

We become forlorn atleast for a moment, when most of our girlfriends get married and we still haven’t met ‘the one'(mostly out of pressure from family/relatives). Hell, even facebook can’t be opened these days without coming across atleast ten relationship updates per day!

There are many such comparisons that continuously circle our minds.Of course, we can count on society to steadily pour fuel onto the sputtering sparks of depression, to turn it into a raging fire. Success is a relative term. The more you perform for the gallery, the more depressed you will be.

So the champion has to be someone who gets straight As in school, graduates from a top college, gets an amazing job right away, gets married ‘on time’ and has a couple of cute kids who end up making these parents proud with their endeavours. Wow. Such a happy tale.

All of us will have bits and pieces of what I have written above. We can’t get it all. We won’t. 

The champion in life is the one who realises this, accepts it and lives with it.

Written in response to Daily Prompt :Champion

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