Truth, the moment you know it, becomes a fact. Then approaches the dilemma of acceptance. Our mind tries to protect itself from the impending waves of depression and pain. We kid ourselves and bring out many excuses and explanations. We still hope, conveniently shutting out our inner voice.

News of ill-health.

Confession of infidelity.

End of a relationship.

Death of a loved one.

Realisation of betrayal.

Hardwork that gave birth to failure.

No, it can’t be true. There is some mistake.”

There is this hovering moment, before acceptance, the moment of self-denial. The last, futile fight. It’s so significant because we cling on to the thinnest thread of hope  before we fall off into the abyss. The moment past which, you transform.

The moment past which life, as we knew it, would change forever. The last act of defiance against the twisted fate that awaits. 


Written in response to Daily Prompt :Denial

Photo courtesy : Pinterest