I’m sure that when you read the title you probably thought, ‘What?’. That’s quite normal and probably the most decent response the title can hope to receive. Imagine how it would be if you were addressed this way everyday of your life?What if you were actually named ‘Panties‘? Time to call up your parents and thank them for giving you a normal, albeit not extraordinary, name.

Over the years, I have met too many people with strange names or atleast I have heard of strange ones from people around. Most of them don’t like theirs and wished they were named differently. The one that topped the list was Panties. I know that no parent would purposely inflict such humiliation. Still, my heart goes out to him.

I’m not being cynical or sarcastic here. I’m also willing to allow slight leeway and understand that there are less fortunate parents who are illiterate or not familiar with meanings of words, but I really, really hope they consult some educated person in their vicinity for a second opinion, before naming a child!

The next one in my list is Shittymol (‘Mol’means daughter in the Malayalam language, it’s an affectionate way of addressing a girl). I’m sure I don’t have to explain what ‘Shitty’ means. Now, these are grown up people I am talking about. I can’t imagine the torture they had to endure in school & college. It’s such a huge blow to their confidence and I don’t know if such wounds will ever heal.

Of course, they can change their names when they are sixteen or seventeen, but some don’t because of reasons I cannot fathom. And even if they do change, everyone will only remember them by their old name. The ones I mentioned are just the worst I have heard, there are many more that have really widened my minuscule eyes for a moment or two. Some have been named casually, after the daily objects we see around. The bearers of these names really wish they had a say when they were named!

I truly wish parents put more careful thought into the name part. It’s the most integral part of anyone’s identity. If they are destined for greatness, it’s this name that the world will always remember. 

Picture courtesy : Pinterest