I am very happy to have been selected for a tag by kittysverses. It motivates me to know that my blog crossed her mind as she considered this. So, thanks a ton dear!

All of you, do visit her blog when you get the chance. It’ll surely be a refreshing experience to go through her perspective on life.

As I already told her, I won’t be tagging anyone in this because I’m aware that most of my followers aren’t fans of awards & tags! *sad sigh* But I thought I’ll do it anyway because One, I personally like it and Two, you wonderful people can know me better! So here it goes, my answers to the interesting questions put forth by kittysverses.

1. Do you like to write under a pseudo-name? If yes, why?

Yes I prefer to write under the name ‘Flittering Soul’ because it describes my blog better than my name would have, had I used it. It is definitely not out of need for anonymity because I share the links to my posts to my friends anyway. 

2. What was your inspiration to start a blog?

I always wanted to start one, from the age I was aware of such a platform, because I love to write and express. But a lot of inhibitions somehow clouded my wish. So it’s actually my fiancé, Mr.K, who dug up this hidden wish and pushed me to it.

3. How would you describe yourself in a  word?

Very difficult question! The moment it said one word, too many words came up! Well, if I narrow it down, I think Ambivert is the word for me!

4. What is the one thing you like about the country you live in?

I like the diversity in culture, religion & stature among people and the co-existence (to an extent) of the same. 

5. If you wish you were somebody/something, what would that be?

I’m happy being me! I do get pangs of longing when I see people following different careers, but as a person, I’d like be who I am presently. 

6. Do you like to travel or are you a stay at home person? 

I think I’m midway, a balance of both is needed for my well-being. But I’m not a fan of road trips because I get tired fast, the moment I’m inside a moving vehicle, I sleep! It’s very irritating for the people around. So for me, the destination matters more than the travel!

7.Do you like pets and if yes, which ones? 

I LOVE PETS. I’m crazy about them. I love dogs, cats, rabbits and all sorts of pets. I have my cat, Toffee and three kittens in my room as I write this!

8. The strengths in you that you are proud of? 

I sense people and often understand the words they don’t speak out loud. I easily get vibes when I meet new people. It saves me from a lot of heartbreaks and also helps me to be more sensitive towards them. I never judge anyone. I’m a good friend (not bragging, just what people have told me!).

9. Given the chance, what kind of change would you make to the society you live in?

I often see many people running around desperately, to get blood for the patients. And I know many who have rare blood types who don’t donate. Some are scared while some have many misconceptions. I would help convince people and create awareness to increase the number of donors. Blood donation is the easiest way to help a person.

10. How do you motivate yourself everyday?

I set very small/short goals each day and reward myself with the little things I like, on achieving them. It used to be a chocolate or an episode of my favourite serial or fifteen minutes of youtube/facebook/whatsapp and so on. Nowadays, it’s my blog. I set my blog time as the reward!!!

11. Lastly, if you are stranded on an island, how would you entertain yourself?

If I manage to have a bundle of books from the ship that sunk, that’s all the entertainment I need. I’ll keep reading them till my fiancé comes to rescue me! 

I hope you enjoyed my answers! Happy blogging!