“Rebecca! I’m looking for a four-leafed clover. It’s supposed to be very lucky! Do you know where to find them?”, exclaimed Thomas, out of breath from running. 

I looked up, surprised at being approached, but glad to get a chance to help! I was very slow in making friends and everyone here had a ‘bestie’ already.

“I don’t know Thomas, I have never heard of anyone finding one. I’ll look out for it, okay?”, I consoled.

I knew exactly where to find one. I had come across a few in the grassy hill a short distance from my home. But I wanted to gift him myself. 

I had a tenacious personality, so I ran to the hill as soon as I reached home, ignoring my favourite cookies & milk that mom had put on the table. As expected, I found not one, but many. I plucked five of them. Thomas is going to be thrilled!

Next day at school, I ran to find Thomas before craft class. He was standing in the corridor, trading Pokémon tazos with a bunch of his friends, as usual. All the boys in class did this. I tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey! What’s up?”, he said and smiled at me. I opened my palm and revealed my gift for him. All the luck in the world. His eyes grew big.

“Oh my God, you actually found them? And you got five? Don’t you need any?”, asked Thomas, looking awed. Before I could answer what I had prepared in my mind, his attention was strayed onto someone behind me. I turned to see Malia walking to class. She was a nice girl. Everybody liked her.

“Hey, one sec.”, he said, grabbing the clovers and running to her.

“Here Malia, you wished for one and I got you five! All the luck in the world!”, he said proudly, mouthing thanks at me as she and her bestie looked at his palm in wonder.

I smiled back weakly.

“Oh my God, Thomas. You are so kind. Thank you so much! I never thought I’ll get any.”, said Malia in wonder.

“Well, you are my closest friend ever.”, he said, affectionately. She smiled and they walked to class together. 

I stood there staring at the spot they just vacated. Then I slowly walked to the class alone.

Maybe someday, someone will call me their closest friend. He or she will pluck four-leafed clovers for me.

Photo courtesy : Pinterest