I had missed the train. Great. God, Why does this always happen to me?

I sat alone at the bus-stop, witnessing the steady downpour from the angry skies. I shuddered from the chill in the air and my thoughts. It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that time was never, ever in my favour. I think lady-luck was sleeping when I was born and she forgot to note down my name in her books!

My phone had also died out. Of course, it has to, it’s mine! The rage of the clouds was over for now, I looked at my watch impatiently. I hoped to catch a bus before the next cloudburst.

On the opposite side of the street, in front of a supermarket, a little boy was playing in a puddle of water with a paper boat. It brought down a torrent of memories, I smiled. I longed for his innocence and the carefree life.

My eyes caught two men observing him from a lamp post nearby. It was their stealthy gait and unkempt appearance that made me suspicious. My eyes darted to the supermarket’s entrance, looking for the mother. No one was seen looking at or watching over this boy. The nerves in my hand tingled. They were slowly edging towards him. The day was nearing its end, I looked across the nearly empty street and saw that no one was noticing the scene unfurling. I fretted over what to do. I felt beads of sweat appear on the back of my neck despite the chilly weather.

I knew that if I didn’t alert someone soon, this boy’s picture would be appearing on tomorrow’s newspaper. The men moved shiftily yet casually, trying not to attract any attention. Thankfully they didn’t notice me. I just had a limited number of seconds in my hands.

“Hey! There you are! What are you doing?”, I called across to the boy as I crossed the street towards him. I saw the men step back and look at me in dismay. The boy looked at me, confused. I reached him and he said to me, ” I’m sorry, I don’t know you.” Thankfully he said that softly, he wasn’t the hyper type. I saw the men walking away, probably cursing me.

“Look kid, go inside. It’s not safe here. Stay with your mom.”, I said sternly.

The kid looked around scared and ran inside. I saw him run to his mother.

I walked back to the bus-stop. The bus arrived as soon as I reached the stop, almost as if it was waiting for this event to conclude. I climbed onto a seat and pondered as the bus moved on.

I realised that there was a purpose for me missing the train. What would have happened if I hadn’t? I was an angel today, sent to protect him, to make the timely move. I wondered how many angels had been and are being sent to my aid, without my knowledge. I took some time to engage in the unusual. 

I thanked God. 

Picture courtesy : Pinterest