Good friday is a day of profound retrospection and introspection. I would like to bring out the essence of the day which can be imbibed by believers and non-believers, alike. 

Anyday should suffice for this, but since we forget to do it, let’s spare some time for this today. Take a moment and think back on your deeds and words. There might be many who have wronged you, see if you are ready to forgive them. This is not for their sake, but yours. It’s for the good health of your mind. If you are not ready to forgive, it’s okay, give more time for yourself. 

Hurtful words are as bad as hurtful actions. The former hurts the heart while the latter, the body. If it is awkward to apologise now, take a decision to be careful with your words in the future. Filter the vocabulary you use towards people.

We all have a bunch of principles that we keep building from our first day on this planet. We slowly create this from our experiences and that of others’. Refine it, Align it to that of the growing world’s, rather than being obstinate in what you believe. Be prepared to be wrong about things

Respect people of all religions, castes, colour, beliefs & principles. Consider no one to be beneath you. Their belief is as important as yours, they have the right be on this planet as much as you do. 

Help people, if you can and that too within your means and abilities. However small or big the gesture might be, it’s fine. This is the only way to deserve the life you have been given.

As I have said before, Live & Let Live.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest