“She is not who you thought her to be. There could be things you don’t know. Who knows? “, murmured Doubt

“She already told the truth. Let’s not make this an issue again. You agreed this was an unnecessary fight, last time.”, pleaded Sense.

“No! Don’t be a fool. Don’t accept such flimsy justifications!”, roared Rage.

“You know her well, so well. You two love each other and have an amazing bond. She was telling the truth, you saw it in her eyes. Don’t destroy this.”, begged Commitment.

“What you did was wrong. You shouldn’t have shouted at her. You even spied on the chats in her phone and you didn’t find anything also! Please apologise.”, said Trust, coaxingly.

“Ha! No way. You should never apologise. She is responsible for your actions. I think she is arrogant because she earns more than you.”, Ego scoffed. 

“So true. She has you, a job she wants and a happy life. What do you have? You only have her. Maybe she feels you aren’t enough for her. “, said Jealousy, convincingly.

“You don’t need her. You are a man. Be a man! Go show her who you are.”, scoffed Ego again. Insecurity winked at him.

Trust, Sense & Commitment spread their arms, protecting their child, who they lovingly raised.

The others guffawed and pulled them aside. Armed with clubs and maces, they looked menancingly at the small figure cowering in the corner.

“Please don’t kill me.”, Love whimpered. 

Her pleas were ignored, so were her cries. 

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