“You know what, mommy told me yesterday that there is Devil behind us when we lie about things. Devil is a bad guy.”, said Timothy, munching his burger.

“Oh yeah, I have heard of him too. When we die, if we have done a lot of bad things, we won’t go to heaven, but to him! I wonder what he does up there.”, Priscilla joined in, between bites of her favourite sandwich.

“Don’t you know? He will put you in boiling water and boil you for a long time. He might even fry you in hot oil. That’s what he does to people who have sinned, my grandmother told me.”, squeaked Rachel.

Tony was unusually quiet. After finishing the last bite, he said carelessly,

“Devil is one hungry man. He cooks so much. But I think I would like to have it fried than boiled.”

The other three stared at him, open-mouthed. Recess was over.