Hunting at night was tremendous fun. Nature was alive. They could hear her sounds, uninterrupted by the cacophony of humans. 

The three of them flew together, singing in harmony. Today’s song was the ‘Song of Joy’, that their grandmother had taught them when they were young. 

They flew in through the small hole in the netted window of the bedroom, as usual. The humans were asleep. Darla, Sarah & Talulah chose their people and swooped towards them, still singing at the top of their voices. All three sang near the humans’ ears, hoping to deepen their slumber. 

They furiously began to have their fill, warily looking around for the hands that generally appeared from nowhere. 

“Sarah!!!”, screamed Talulah, she had seen a hand swish down. Sarah dodged it expertly. 

After narrowly escaping a few more slaps & swishes, they rose up together, tummies full. They sang again in joy!

One human turned in his sleep and grumbled loudly.

“I still don’t know why they call us ‘Mosquitoes‘. Such a stupid name!”, complained Sarah, as the three flew back home.