She was so lovely. I could while away time, looking at her forever. The way she made coffee every morning, albeit a little too strong for my liking, filled the house with its striking aroma. I think every being in and around the house would get a kick from the caffeine in the air. The cadence of her voice was the music in our little home.

She looked beautiful in any attire she selected for the day, but she seemed to be losing weight lately. Sometimes I hugged her from behind,as she went through a cook book placed on the counter, burying my nose in her beautiful hair. Her scent was beyond heavenly. Oh, the kisses I shower on her everyday are countless!

I still laugh with tears in my eyes when she runs around screaming, with a magazine in her hand, battling a cockroach. I complain at her repetitive knitting patterns everyday, but she ignores it as usual. I sulk in front of the TV, when she watches the boring (her favourite) drama series.

After wasting too much time on the couch, she counts the hours left till alarm goes off in the morning. It will always be less that six hours, always and it freaks her out everyday. Finally, she climbs into bed.

 The gray moonlight that filters in through the window makes her look ethereal. I sit on the armchair to watch her fall asleep, I don’t like her falling asleep alone.

She hugs the pillow tight, every night and whispers, “I miss you so much.” 

Every night, my words of reply are never heard.

Photo courtesy : Pinterest