The moon shined brighter than usual, the stars twinkled at her. The air was laced with the essence of her much awaited freedom. For the first time in her life, she could understand the meaning of hope. 

She was unusually pleasant even as she attended to her client. Her last client. His face barely registered in her otherwise eidetic memory. He probably thought he was unbelievably good, quite typical of course. 

The last few months had become unbearable as her mind was repulsed by her work, more and more. The clientele often complained to her Madam that she was terribly moody and as responsive as a log. It was while she was treading the fine line between sanity and insanity that she decided to have a life on her own terms.

“That’ll be a thousand.”, she demanded. He dutifully paid the sum and an extra tip, a rare treasure. Her final pay. She smiled at the money.

She had earned enough trust over the years and nobody doubted her. She slipped out with her small bag, containing her meagre belongings. As ready as she was to venture into the next world, she turned around and paused for a moment. The crude sounds emanating from the many rooms in the building had almost become a lullaby for the past ten years.

She closed one of the building’s many doors, for the very last time.

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