All of us have memories that bring about mournful sighs in us. The long forgotten desires and dreams we have given up haunts us every now and then. Life throws at us a myriad of situations that kindles a plethora of emotions.
Whenever something terrible befalls us or when things do not happen in line with our expectations, we feel low. It’s natural, we should feel this way. It is then that we ask the age-old question, “Why me?”

When I feel this way, I wonder, did I ask this when something joyful happened to me? 

When I aced a test, did I ask, “Why me?”

When I was blessed with the love of my life, did I ask, “Why me?”

When I realised how blessed I am to have a wonderful family unlike many unforturnate ones out there, did I ask, “Why me?”

When I was born with four limbs intact, did my family or myself ask, “Why us/me?”

We have lost the right to ask, “Why me?” We didn’t ask that question when the wishes came true.

 We have to accept what is thrown to us, survive it with the help of tears,prayers,music, food, chocolate or anything that works! We shouldn’t compare our life with that of someone else’s and feel low enough to ask this question. All of us are trying to figure out how to move forward in our own mazes

Everyone is fighting their own battles.

Photo courtesy : Pinterest