“Okay, John. You seem to be in good shape for the surgery”, the doctor concluded.

I helped him get up and find his way back to the chair. I was scared if my grip would break the frail man’s bones.

I dutifully stood beside Dr. Joel, to assist in whatever way I could. The patient was unbelievably exuberant, despite the ailing health.

He continued to rave about his hometown, the farmlands he used to own before he lost it all to cutthroat lenders. He was all the more ecstatic about the new piece of land he bought to start over again, once the surgery was done. I loved his passion at this age.

“Was it sensible to buy land there? Would there even be any resale value?”, Dr. Joel inquired casually as he observed the man’s blood pressure. 

“Yes, it is. So many businessmen are buying land there. They have good resale value too. My plot will earn double the amount I spent, if I sell now. I was offered sixty lakhs by two men, a week ago. I did not budge though I badly need it. I have a dream.”, he said proudly.

“Hmm. So look, please come in two days, ready for the surgery. Everything seems to be working like clockwork.”, he reassured John.

“Doctor, it would be very helpful if you could lower the bill amount. You know how difficult it -“, John stuttered.

“Of course, I will try.”, Dr. Joel cut him off with a stiff smile. 

He smiled broadly at us and walked away slowly, clutching the prescription. 

I glanced at the patient file as Dr. Joel scribbled in details for the surgery. One among them strangled my heart.

Estimated Bill Amount : Sixty Lakhs

So much for dreaming. Health is Wealth. Also, Health needs Wealth.

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