Women sure are superheroes, there is absolutely no doubt about that. The women in India, or particularly in Kerala, has a superhero outfit too! This outfit witnesses a homemaker’s sweat and blood, literally, as it is worn all day round. This attire is known as, THE NIGHTY.

I’m glad that most of the women who became homemakers in the past five years or so have avoided this outfit for their battles at home. I had vowed never to adorn it ever.

But as experiences go, I wasn’t surprised to find myself in one yesterday. I had to stay over at my grandparents at short notice and I had absolutely nothing with me but my phone, which for me is as important as oxygen. 

So my dear grandmother was kind enough to lend me one of her nighties for the night. I must agree, it sure is airy and flows adrift around you. Everyone I argued with about how stupid nighties are have said how it cools their un-cool parts, if you know what I mean. It sure does make peeing a lot easier!

However, for an un-ladylike person like me who always keeps her legs on an elevated structure while doing anything, it is highly inconvenient; unless you are okay with blinding the world around. Wearing it actually turned me into a well-behaved, young lady who always crosses her legs in a polite manner, for one night. 

When I woke up today morning, I found myself perfectly covered by the blanket I probably kicked off during sleep. I believe that my grandmother got an unusual morning visual when she came to check on me and felt the blanket to be an appropriate favour to the sighted world. 

Hats off to the ladies who live day and night in them!