He was perfect. In every single way. The first impression anyone would get was that he was unbelievably caring and bursting with energy.

It was unexpected that he gave me undivided attention despite being hers. When she went to the kitchen to bring snacks, he seemed quite content to be with me. It was quite evident that he was meant to be mine. 

Would I find another exactly like him?, I wondered. When her footsteps echoed on the linoleum floor of the kitchen, he got up and went to her. I was jealous. Jessica had suggested him to me first. I was in a bad shape and she thought he would be a refreshing change for me, but I turned her down. I so wish I had listened to her.

Both of them followed me to the gate, to bid goodbye. I turned to look back, after taking a few steps.

“Bye Jessica.”, I said. “Don’t forget our spa appointment tomorrow.”, she said as she waved back.

“Bye Ricky!”, I called out to him.

He barked a few times in reply. I saw him run around Jessica’s ankles as she made her way back into the house.