I do not know when this aversion or allergy began per se, but I always feel a ticking timebomb being set when I hear the word ‘No’. Then the countdown begins – whether the bomb will detonate or not depends upon the authenticity of the explanations. 

I definitely understand when a strong, supporting reason for the ‘No’ is stated, I am not a hard-hearted bitch. But when the ‘No’ is supported by flimsy reasons involving tradition, display of authority, ego, possessiveness and so on – my brain refuses to absorb it, be it from friends or family. Being a girl, this behaviour tends to attract raised eyebrows and cold wars more than normal.

So statements like “You can’t go there because I said so!” & “Don’t do it. No means no. End of discussion.”, really doesn’t work on me. In fact, my immediate urge is to do the opposite. Sometimes I grit my teeth and bite back the urge with tears of anger, the scars of such arguments shall however remain. But sometimes, I ignore the orders. I unapologetically do what I want because in the depths of my heart I know I am not doing any crime of monumental proportions. 

I am driven mostly by logic & reason. So stating a solid logic or reason is the only way I can obey. This nature of mine ensures that I have the prestigious title – The Prodigal Daughter (or friend or fiancé). 

Picture courtesy – Pinterest