When it was time for me to select a firm to do my three-year internship (mandatory for the course), I already had a clear choice in my mind. I wanted to do it in one particular mid-size firm in Kochi, Kerala. I knew two people who worked there and they loved the place – everything from quality of work to the people. I was hell bent on doing it there, contrary to my parents’ wishes to pick a firm closer to home.

I went there with high hopes piled up on the new city, work & friends. I was plotted on an assignment in a month’s time. I eagerly went there with my senior, full on enthusiastic about learning. But I was in for a big disappointment. I wasn’t allowed to do most of the work because the partner on the assignment wasn’t confident on letting a junior do the work (quite unusual). So I mostly sat there doing nothing. NOTHING.

This continued for NINE WHOLE MONTHS. I was depressed and in tears when I reached back at hostel everyday. I vented it all out to my closest friends, but pretended to be happy in front of others. I felt useless, wasting away nine months reading random topics on Wikipedia and all possible rubbish online. My sanity was spiralling down. 

Out of more than FORTY interns, my senior & I were the only ones stuck in such an assignment. What are the odds? The depression was moving from bad to worse everyday, as I saw my colleagues move from one assignment to another. Noone at the firm was ready to intervene on my behalf because the work was handled by a partner of the firm. 

It was during one of the usual late night talks that occur at hostel that one of my friends mentioned a contact at a multi-national firm and the option for me to take a transfer. It seemed impossible at the time because it was a huge risk and not at all common to take such a jump. It was a risk because better prospects weren’t exactly guaranteed at the next place and it was much larger a firm. I had my doubts about studies, stress, intensity of work and so on.

It took many sleepless nights and numerous talks with my close friends & parents to actually make the jump. I’m happy I did. I was far behind than most in the new firm because close to ten months of my internship was wasted already and I knew nothing; but I atleast got to work on something! I got to learn something. I never had to sit jobless.

I had to get through three rounds of interviews and I never thought I’ll make it. I couldn’t even imagine the situation if I didn’t make it. But I did, I am always grateful to God for that. I even met my fiancé there. It was only when I finished my term there that I saw the big picture. And it sure is beautiful! All that pain had a reason.

So the place I heard about from friends and badly wanted to be a part of wasn’t anything like I expected. The place I went to later was never, ever an option in my mind and yet I found it to be great. Life works in strange ways. 

Photo courtesy : Pinterest