“Jenny, I have something to tell you. Someone found me the other day.”, said Luke nervously.

“What!!? How? Is that even possible?”,I asked in shock.

“It is possible, but very rare. Her name is Lily. She is from L.A. I was wandering around as you were sleeping and she came out of nowhere and said hi. Usually we are supposed to introduce ourselves first, but I was absent-minded I suppose. I was shocked. But I repli-“, he stuttered seeing my expression.

“Why did you have to reply? You could have run anywhere! You can’t be hers alright? I created you.”, I shouted vehemently.

“Jenny, it doesn’t work that way. Your brains must have a similar thread and she conjured me the same way you did. Our rules state that we have to be a companion if discovered. It’s very rare. She probably didn’t imagine exactly like you did, but stumbled upon a figure closest to her imaginations, which was me.”, he explained warily.

“So now what, I have to share? This is so not fair. I hate that bitch. You are my imaginary friend. Mine alone.”, A wave of fear was building up inside me. Life was better after I met, or created – to be precise, Luke. I was terrible with other humans, I was lonely. Luke is the reason I survive everyday.

“Probably. I’ll have to be there for you both. It’s new to me also. There is another thing you should know.”, he said, looking deeply disturbed.

“What??”, I demanded.

“I might vanish. When the feelings and thoughts change in your head, I might seem unsuitable and may vanish. Your mind may not want to see me anymore. It’s not in my control. But you’ll meet someone else. There are many of us you know.”, Luke said hopefully. His eyes were sad however.

I was welling up. “I don’t want anyone else. Please don’t go.”, I whimpered.

“It’s not in my hands, Jenny. Please understand.”, Luke pleaded. I leaped onto the bed and let the tears flow, ignoring his weak consolations. 

I don’t know when I fell asleep after bawling my eyes out. I was a bit confused when I woke up. I called for Luke. I couldn’t find him. He must be with that bitch. I decided to have a snack as I waited.

I made my favourite peanut butter sandwiches and carried it to the T.V room. I stopped in my tracks. I spotted a blond, handsome guy sitting on the sofa, watching T.V with my Dad. He smiled widely at me.

“Hey, I’m Joe!”, he exclaimed energetically as he got up and took a few steps in my direction. I looked around and saw that Mom was walking around oblivious to all this. Dad’s eyes were still glued to the TV, though this guy was clearly blocking his view.

Oh my! Only I could see him. He must be my new imaginary friend. 

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