It was one of those first days in school and I was eager to go. I was never the type that threw tantrums, bawling at the top of the voice while hugging the mother as she dropped the kid off. So there I was all set & ready, in my new school uniform, shiny black shoes and all such similar school stuff. I was sitting by the verandah, waiting for my mom to come out. She was inside, getting my brother ready, he was barely a year old. My dad went to work early those days, so everything till nightfall was managed by my mom. 

In a few minutes, my blood-curdling screams rended the air. My mom rushed to the verandah in panic. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw me.

I had somehow managed to push my head between two railings in the verandah, which were a feet or two high and I was stuck. So there I was, on my fours, with my head sticking out of the railings. Don’t ask me why I did that, it’s one of those questions the universe can never know the answer to. 

I have an abnormally large head. It was not in proportion to the rest of the body back then, though now the rest of the body has competed well and is leading the race. My mom tried her best to pull me out, but this is not exactly the typical tug of war is it? She was worried if my head will come off! Apparently, my head’s inside & outside was very stubborn. 

Soon enough, the kids from the neighbourhood began to pass my house with their parents, on their way to the school. They saw the scene and joined to help. I don’t remember this part (probably my little brain supressed the memory back then due to the embarrasment), but my mom recounts it well everytime and so I know how it was. Everyone tried to pull it out (thank God it didn’t become a game like in the Thor movie), suggested strategies and finally decided to call someone from the nearby workshop to cut the railings.

Like in every situation, in movies & real life, they decided to give a last try. It was then that my head came through miraculously. I know, it’s a boring climax. My mom nearly collapsed in relief. I am told that I got an earful but I have forgotten that too. How can I remember one instance of scolding amidst the million instances that presented itself throughout my childhood? I always had a penchant for trouble.

It sure was difficult raising me.