It’s a disease, I’m telling you. It has infected most of us, jobless and otherwise. The disease is nothing but our love to stalk people on Facebook. I can’t say the same for Instagram because some profiles work on request basis which prevents us from viewing tagged photos as well, otherwise those people too fall under the radar. We shall leave no stone unturned – that’s the motto. 

I have a friend who found a person’s facebook profile just by hearing that person’s nickname which was called out by someone as she passed by! Not even her real full name, mind it. When you take a walk, you happen to see people about whom you already know quite a lot, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. There is this impulse to smile or wave at them, but then you realise that they don’t even know you exist! I usually end up nudging my mom or friends to share whatever knowledge I happened to acquire, by chance, about this person.

Even when people remove tags to pictures later on, our memory which proves useless during exams suddenly fires up to remember some clue like the first name of the stranger who uploaded the photo or the salon’s logo that was stamped on the picture and other minute, insignificant details. It’s a gift, you see. My cousins stalk juniors, seniors and all sorts of living beings, everywhere.

I realised the potential of this inborn gift in everyone when I started the research for my wedding. Friends were sending me gazillions of pictures of their ‘stalkees’ in various attires, for reference. They shared links to profiles of people from nowhere and even gave me treasured knowledge as to which person’s friends list I need to scour to find a particular person’s profile, in which a particular sari she adorned on her special day can be found. Phew. Information sure is gold.

What would I do without these gorgeous stalkers? 

Picture courtesy : Pinterest