I’m an aggressive, passionate fingernail-biter. The fact that I’m a woman is highly disadvantageous as we are expected to have long, beautifully painted if not manicured, nails. My fingertips are swollen and my nails are minuscule in size. My dad (the culprit) possesses this habit, but no one notices his hands as he is a guy. But people notice mine almost immediately and go, “Eww. So small!”, “Did you really cut your nails that way?”. Seriously? Yes, I really took time to cut, file and make it look this ugly. 

I can adorn the most fabulous dress, strut around and yet such observations will naturally follow me to puncture my happy bubble! I always make a mental note to keep my fists closed at all times. Also, people like us always need help in opening cans, keychain rings and anything tightly closed because our stubby fingers are useless to widen small gaps.

It’s even more embarrassing when I go to thread my eyebrows. When I use my fingers to hold the skin around the eyebrows tight, the girl threading it will admonish me till I leave the salon with a little less money and a little less dignity. My dad even offered to buy me a pair of diamond earrings if I stopped biting ( I think he was that sure I wouldn’t). Besides, I am not attracted to gold or diamonds and would rather continue my existence biting these nails.

They say emotionally insecure people resort to such crazy habits, I don’t know the authenticity of this claim. Mostly it’s stress and deep thinking that engages me in this persistent habit, though I notice it only when someone smacks my wrist.

Now I’m trying to grow them, with tremendous, conscious effort for my betrothal next month. I am paying a fortune for the photography and I don’t wish to see images of my stubby-tipped fingers, as Mr.K puts a ring on it.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest